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1000 Red Naomi Roses Vase set

From $4,140.00

100 Red Naomi Roses in a Large Apothecary Vase - Vase is an optional add on

From $380.00

50 Pink Mondial Roses in a Medium Apothecary Vase - Vase is an optional add on

From $200.00

Medium Mayfair Rose Vase Set - Pink Mondial Roses & Medium Mayfair Vase in Onyx

From $260.00

Roses and Luxury Vase Set - Pink Mondial Roses & Small Mayfair Vase in Blanc

From $200.00

Baccarat Rose Vase Set with 30 stems of Pink Mondial Roses

From $540.00

Candle Trio Set and 25 Stems of White Hot Dutch Tulip - Please note that the vase is not included

From $170.00

25 stems in a Medium Curve Windsor Vase 7 Colours
From $185.00
20 Stems of Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses in a Bailey Bud Vase Set

From $210.00

50 Red Naomi rose stems wrapped in our signature gift wrapping
From $200.00
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How much should I spend on a gift?

You should spend whatever you can afford on a gift. At FLOWERBX, we have gifts that will wow any recipient for over $100, from luxury flowers in abundant stem counts to impressive house plants and indulgent vase sets. Discover the collection today at, and enjoy complimentary shipping with every standard order.

How many flowers can you buy for $100 or more?

Depending on the variety, you can buy over 100 stems for $100 or more at FLOWERBX. Luxury floral varieties including roses, lilies, hydrangeas and orchids are available in larger stem counts for over $100, making them the perfect gesture for occasions including special birthdays, anniversaries, milestone celebrations, and to mark achievements. Looking for the height of pure luxury? Shop 1000 stems of roses for the ultimate floral gesture.

What gifts and flowers can I buy for $100 or more?

At FLOWERBX, we offer a selection of florals and gifting for under $100. This includes seasonal fresh floral varieties such as tulips, hydrangeas, luxury roses, and exotic cut orchids, plus gifts like vases, house plants, candles, and room fragrances. You can choose to build your gift or take your pick from our curated edits. Every standard order includes complimentary shipping and gift wrap at the checkout.

Which are the best flowers to buy for $100 or more?

The best flowers to buy for $100 or more are in our luxury gift sets. They include:
The Rose Lover Gift Set
The Tulip Lover Gift Set
The Home for the Holidays Gift Set
The Scent of the Season Gift Set
The Royal Windsor Rose Vase Set
The Baccarat Rose Vase Set

Can you send someone 100 flowers?

Yes! You can send someone 100 flowers with FLOWERBX. Take your pick from varieties such as roses, tulips, freesia, snapdragons and more. You can also add your stems to a vase, or choose an accessory to accompany them. Please note that flowers will come wrapped in multiple bouquets for higher quantities.

Can you send someone 1000 flowers?

You can send someone 1000 flowers at FLOWERBX to make an extra-special gesture, whatever the occasion. Our 1000 roses bouquet is a popular choice for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and more, and can be delivered in 10 bunches of 100 stems, each in a signature vase.

Which is the most expensive flower?

The most expensive flower in the world is the Kadupul flower, as it has never been sold, so is therefore priceless. Other expensive flowers include varieties of the David Austen rose such as the Juliet variety, plus Gardenia, Arum Lily, Phalaenopsis orchid, Stephanotis, English scented roses, Hydrangeas, and Peonies also making the list. At FLOWERBX, the most expensive flowers we stock are the Modern White Calla Lily, the Tutti-Frutti Anthurium, the Balthazaar Rose, and the Naomi Red Rose.