Elf Red Ilex

  • Seasonal and vibrant
  • A favourite for the holidays
  • Manhattan or Los Angeles delivery only
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The small fruits ofthe Ilex plant,often referred to as berries, rangein color from red to black, and more rarely to green and yellow. The fruits ripen and provide a brilliant colour contrast between the bright colour of the fruits and the elegant, glossy evergreen leaves which makes them an obvious choicefor Holiday decoration.

Please note that flowers are not delivered with a vase and that the candle is not included. Discover our collection ofhome accessoriesto browse our signature vases and home fragrances.


The Ilex is a long length stem (measurement approximate).


Recut diagonally, split base of stem with secateurs to increase water flow and remove all excess foliage before placing in cool water.  All foliage should be above the waterline. Your Berries will respond best to temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees C.

It is crucial that you change water regularly.

*As this is a naturally occurring product, there will be a slight size and colour variation throughout the season.