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Luxury Peony Delivery

Send peonies across the US with FLOWERBX. We make it easy to order peony bouquets online to bring joy to someone’s home or to have flowers delivered as a treat for yourself, guaranteeing a burst of beauty and colour. We offer flexible standard delivery across the US, and next-day delivery nationwide. For customers based in Manhattan, shop with same-day delivery to enjoy peonies even sooner.

What do peonies symbolise?

Peonies symbolise love, honour, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty. However, each individual colour holds a meaning of its own.
Red peonies symbolise passion, wealth, power, and respect.
Pink peonies mean happiness, joy, grace, and gratitude.
White peonies symbolise purity, new beginnings, and innocence.
Yellow peonies represent good fortune, happiness and friendship.
Purple peonies hold the meaning of luxury, royalty, healing, spirituality, and magic.
Coral peonies represent creativity and energy.
Orange peonies represent warmth, success, pride, and excitement.
Burgundy peonies symbolise elegance, beauty, and strength.

When are peonies in season?

In the US Peonies make their first appearance in the late spring, typically from May onwards, bringing beauty as we head into brighter days, making them a popular choice for weddings throughout the early summer. Peony season is always a highlight of the floral calendar. Being one of our most popular flowers, there's no better reason to send peonies to a loved one during their short season, whether celebrating a birthday, milestone moment or just because.

What colours do peonies come in?

Nothing sparks joy like a FLOWERBX peony, coming in a colour palette that will leave you wanting to try them all! You'll find a range of pink, white, and red varieties in our Peony collection, from Powder Pink to Primrose, or deeper, more sumptuous shades like burgundy-toned Boudoir. Although these are the most popular and beautiful colours, you can also find peonies in hues such as yellow, peach, orange, and purple.

How long do cut peonies last in a vase?

Depending on how you look after them, peonies can bring beauty to your home for up to a week – but they could last even longer with the right care.
- Keep your stems in water at all times.
- Always remove leaves below water level.
- Cut your peony stems at a 45-degree angle to help with water absorption.
- Top up with fresh, cold water and flower food.
- Choose the right vase – something supportive enough for their blousy flower heads!
- Avoid heat sources, drafts, and extreme temperatures.