your ultimate guide to peony careyour ultimate guide to peony care

There is no doubt about it; everyone simply loves peonies. Perhaps it is their array of tonal pink hues, ranging from deep raspberry to almost-ivory, or their spring-like sweet scent - a constant reminder that summer is on the horizon. Whatever your reason for adoring them, there is nothing more important than keeping them looking at their best throughout their fleeting yet magical season. Read on for all you need to know, from our favourite care tips to finesse your peony prowess, to which varieties you should shop before your time is up for another year.

How to make your peonies last longer

step 1 re-cut the stemsstep 1 re-cut the stems


Once you have unwrapped your peonies, re-cut the stems using a pair of FLOWERBX Floral Scissors, about 2 - 3cm from the bottom at a 45° angle. This encourages water absorption and maximises vase life.

step 2 remove any leavesstep 2 remove any leaves


Your peonies will arrive with some excess foliage, so make sure that you remove any leaves that would sit below the waterline, Next, wipe away any sap on your stems, then fill your vase with water, making sure to refresh it daily. 

step 3 arrange your flowersstep 3 arrange your flowers


With a single stem in hand, start to arrange your flowers by keeping them facing the same direction, forming a symmetrical spiral. Cut your flowers to a length where each peony head is displayed to perfection.


To keep your peonies fresher for even longer, set them up to wow in a well-lit spot, away from direct sunlight or drafts. Make sure that you change their water regularly to keep them at their very best.

FLOWERBX founder Whitney Bromberg Hawkings shares all you need to know about peonies - everyone's favourite late spring flower. 

When are peonies in season?

"Just like their incomparable beauty, peony season is fleeting. Starting at the end of April and coming to a close in mid-June, peonies are at their very best during the month of May. Although their annual visit is short but sweet, it only builds upon the pure adoration you will have for them while they are here!" 

What is the meaning behind peonies?

"As far as floral varieties go, peonies hold a fair few meanings; all of which are evocative of the beauty you would come to expect of such a show-stopping flower. Peonies are known to symbolise prosperity, good luck, love, and honour, as well as wealth and romance. Such meanings make them the perfect gift to share with a cherished friend - no matter the occasion! - as well as the ideal interior treat to bring beauty to your own home." 

When are peonies in season for weddings?

"Peonies are at their prime in the later spring and earliest summer months, making their arrival perfectly timed for the start of wedding season. For those getting married between April and June, peonies and weddings are a match made in heaven, full of the whimsical romance and abundant fragrance that makes them so well-loved."


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