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How long do cut tulips last?

Cut tulips last around 5 days. They will continue to open fully throughout their vase life. There are some tips you can try to help them last longer in a vase:
1. Keep your vase topped up with clean, cold water.
2. Keep your room temperature cool.
3. Keep your tulips out of direct sunlight.

How do you prepare tulips for vases?

To prepare your tulips for their vase, follow the simple steps below:
1. Unwrap your flowers and re-cut the stems using a pair of FLOWERBX Floral Scissors, about 2 - 3cm from the bottom at a 45° angle. This encourages water absorption and maximises vase life.
2. Remove excess foliage, the outer leaves and anything else that would sit below the waterline, as this will otherwise create debris build-up in your vase.
3. Next, fill your vase with lukewarm clean water, making sure to refresh it daily, or whenever the water turns murky. Top up with FLOWERBX Flower Food.

How long can cut tulips stay out of water?

Cut tulips cannot stay out of water for very long. Some other floral varieties will last a little longer than others without water, but tulips will not last more than a few hours at the most without water. To prolong life when not in a vase, you can wrap the stems in a wet cloth or paper towel, or attach water sources to the end of the stems.

How do you keep cut tulips from drooping?

To keep tulips from drooping, try some of the following tips!
- Choose young tulips that have closed flower heads.
- Keep your stems in water at all times.
- Always remove leaves below water level.
- Cut your tulip stems at a 45-degree angle to help with water absorption.
- Top up with fresh, cold water and flower food.
- Choose a tall and supportive vase style.
- Avoid heat sources, drafts, and extreme temperatures.
- Add a penny to your vase - the copper helps keep their stems straight!

What kind of vase do you use for tulips?

The best kind of vase to use for tulips is one that'll support them from their tallest stem length. As a rule, your vase should be at least half as tall as your tulip stems. However, you may wish to switch to a shorter vase over time, as you cut your stems down. We would recommend our Royal Windsor Vase, Tall Wickstead Vase, or Wickstead Pot to perfectly showcase your flowers.

What is the most popular tulip colour?

The most popular tulip colour is red or pink. Specifically, the most popular tulip in this shade is the Angelique variety. It's not hard to see why, as it has soft pink flowers in a double tulip style, with an appearance very similar to a peony. You can shop our pink double tulip here

What do different colours of tulips mean

Different tulip colours hold their own meaning, which is particularly important when choosing a gift. All tulips symbolise pure and deep love, with the rarest colour of tulip being black tulips:
Red tulips mean love and romance.
Pink tulips symbolise friendship, care and good wishes.
White tulips show forgiveness and respect, highlighting innocence and purity.
Yellow tulips sybolise happiness, cheer, and brighter days ahead - due to their association with spring and Easter.
Purple tulips symbolise regality, royalty, and rebirth.

Do tulips open up in vase?

Yes! Tulips continue to open in thier vase, and there are ways you can trick tulips into blooming should you need them to look their best for a certain date. A common trick to get your flowers to open quicker is to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle, so that they can absorb the water in the vase faster. You can also prolong your tulips vase life by buying them when they are green and closed, allowing you to watch them open from bud over a longer time.