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Electric White Orchid Plant

From $130.00

Sunshine Iris 2 Colours
From $95.00
Marshmallow Delphinium 4 Colours
From $125.00
Cloud Nine Long-Stem Deluxe Lily 6 Colours
From $80.00
Snow White Phalaenopsis Cut Orchid 4 Colours
From $170.00
White Dove Arum Lily 2 Colours
From $75.00
Alabaster Spray Rose 5 Colours
From $60.00
Mondial Rose 11 Colours
From $95.00
Alabaster Vanda Cut Orchid 7 Colours
From $75.00
Ivory Avalanche Rose 11 Colours
From $85.00
Modern White Calla Lily 6 Colours
From $90.00
Periwinkle Delphinium 4 Colours
From $155.00
Delft Blue Vanda Cut Orchid 7 Colours
From $75.00
Blue Iris 2 Colours
From $95.00
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What gifts do you give for Yom Kippur?

The appropriate gifts to give for Yom Kippur are gift baskets, foods like apples or honey, and fresh flowers. Our Yom Kippur collection includes flowers that are perfect for marking the second High Holy Day of the Jewish festivities, with complimentary standard delivery included.

Are flowers appropriate for Yom Kippur?

Flowers are an appropriate way to mark Yom Kippur, whether you are gifting your host, sending to a loved one, or decorating your own home. To commemorate the occasion, fresh flowers in symbolic white or blue are particularly popular.

How to pick the best flowers for Yom Kippur

To pick the best flowers for Yom Kippur, choose varieties from our edit including lilies, orchids, roses, delphinium, iris, and hydrangeas in symbolic shades of white or blue.

Is there a color associated with Yom Kippur?

The color associated with Yom Kippur is white. This is because the color white acts as a reminder of mortality, as well as being worn to symbolise purity and appear angelic. Throughout Yom Kippur, you can give gifts for the celebration including fresh flowers and gift baskets.