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Saltarello Apricot Long-Stem Deluxe Lily 6 Colours
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Sunny Side Up Calla Lily 6 Colours
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Which flowers bloom in Autumn?

The flowers you'll find in bloom during the autumn months include:
Deluxe Lily
Calla Lilies
Carnations – among others!

Which flowers should go in an Autumn bouquet?

The flowers you choose for a fall bouquet are up to you, but they should always be guided by the seasons.
Choose flowers that bloom naturally in autumn in a selection of shades that mirror nature – like oranges, reds, deep plums, and bold yellows.

Can you get peonies in Autumn?

No, you can't shop peonies in autumn. Peonies are exclusively available for a short time in late spring/early summer for around six weeks.

Which red flowers are available in October?

There are plenty of red flowers available to shop during October. Keep a look out for the rich red tones of our autumnal wreaths, too.

Which flowers represent Autumn?

The flowers that represent autumn offer a change in tone and texture than those you'll find during the summer months.
Autumn flowers are often more dramatic in height with more unusual colour palettes and flower heads.

What is Autumn greenery?

Autumn greenery is a great alternative to cut flowers, offering plenty of natural texture, and is a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors in.
Enjoy stems of Fern, Italian Ruscus and Hard Ruscus, as well as tropical choices like Cheeseplant Leaf Foliage.