Nothing marks the start of the season quite like a holiday wreath. From traditionally festive decor adorned with pine cones and fir, to mastering sleek-chic with berried eucalyptus and silver foliage, all of our wreaths have one thing in common; they are at their very best when cared for correctly. Our expert in-house florists have kindly shared their know-how on everything from choosing the right wreath for your home, to keeping it looking wonderous throughout the season, and beyond.

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Can FLOWERBX wreaths be displayed both indoors and outdoors?

Yes! We are proud to create wreaths that work as well inside as out. However, there are different things to be aware of should you be thinking about placing your wreath cosy indoors, or outside in the elements. If outdoors, the majority of our wreaths prefer to be undercover, so placing yours on a front door that is under a porch should work perfectly. Providing ample cover from seasonal weather like heavy rainfall and extreme winds is always essential. If you are choosing to place your wreath inside, avoiding particularly warm spots, like close to a radiator, is key. Exposure to direct sunlight can also cause your wreath to dry out, or for its lustrous colours to fade.

How long will my FLOWERBX wreath last?

This very much depends on how you care for it. As our wreaths are made from only the best naturally sourced materials, they will begin to dry out over the course of two weeks, after being put on display. You can keep your wreath looking its most beautiful by following the specific care instructions as listed on each product page, and importantly, do be aware that these differ from wreath to wreath. For example, wreaths including our Winter White Wreath or Berried Eucalyptus Wreath enjoy a light misting once a week, while our Pine Cone Wreath and Dried Citrus Wreath require a simple dusting. If cared for correctly, you may be able to reuse your FLOWERBX Wreath. Simply store it away in a secure box, in a cool and dry environment, to help preserve it for next year.

How can I hang my FLOWERBX wreath?

There are multiple ways in which you can hang your wreath, depending on where you are putting it on display, and your desired final look. From decadent velvet ribbon in seasonal hues, to using a wreath hanger or a simple nail, you can read all about ensuring that your wreath is perfectly poised this Christmas in our Wreath Masterclass

How heavy are FLOWERBX wreaths?

Our FLOWERBX Wreaths come in two sensational sizes; Premium (3 kg) and Extraordinary (8 kg). Weights may vary slightly depending on specific styles, and please note that due to this, our Premium wreaths available in the US will weigh approximately 4-4.5 kg.

What size FLOWERBX wreath should I choose?

Firstly, define the purpose of your wreath. Is it set to hang pride of place on your front door? Or will it be adorning a chimney breast, or becoming part of a festive tablescape? Once you have decided the one - or many! - ways in which you will be using your wreath, you will be able to choose your size. If your wreath is to be displayed on your front door, attention to detail is key. As a rule, your wreath should cover between 50 to 75% of your door's width, leaving a minimum of 5 inches of space on either side for a balanced look. Needless to say, your wreath should always be hung centrally to keep things on the right side of polished. Of course, always consider what will work best in your own space, and get creative.

When should I schedule my delivery date for if I want my wreath to be fresh for Christmas Day?

Once you have received your FLOWERBX Wreath, it should retain optimum freshness for around 2 weeks, before it begins to naturally dry out - which, in our opinion, offers a seasonal and elegant alternative look. For a freshly prepared appearance on Christmas Day, we recommend a delivery date of around mid-December.

How do I style the velvet bow on my FLOWERBX wreath?

Here at FLOWERBX, we love the true opulence created by adding an extraordinary velvet bow to our wreaths. Our bows are intended to make a statement, and will need to be pulled out and perked up in order to look their best post-delivery. This is super simple to do at home, and with some minor tweaking, your bow will be the crowning glory of your festive wreath.

Can I purchase a FLOWERBX Velvet Ribbon seperately?

Unfortunately, we do not sell our FLOWERBX Velvet Ribbons individually, however, if you get in touch with our customer services team, they may be able to add one onto an existing order. Please contact the team directly for information on the availability of your chosen ribbon.

How do I preserve my FLOWERBX wreath for next year?

Following our expert care tips should help to preserve your wreath for as long as possible, and once the festive season draws to a close for another year, you can simply place it into a secure box in an area that is cool and dry. As our wreaths are made from fresh materials, they will look their most vibrant on first use, however, our newly launched Pine Cone Wreath is made to last!


Want to hear the specifics on caring for some of our best-loved styles? Read on as our team share how to keep your Christmas wreath of choice looking sensational all season long.


To keep them looking their best, the majority of our wonderful winter wreaths simply need a gentle misting on a weekly basis. This is best achieved by spritzing your wreath from a 10cm distance with cool water. Remember, a little effort goes a long way, and will make sure that your festive show-stopper catches the eye of every passer-by all season. Wreaths that require a light misting include our Red Berry Outdoor Wreath, Winter White Outdoor Wreath, and Berried Eucalyptus Outdoor Wreath.


For a handful of our wreaths, coming into contact with moisture of any kind will do them harm. Both our Dried Citrus Wreath and Pine Cone Wreath - and exclusively in the US, our Magnolia Christmas Wreath - will look their holiday best with the help of a light dusting once a week, or when needed. To do so, gently brush any dust away from your wreath's foliage.




We are here to offer some wreath relief, helping you to make the most of this foliage favourite both outdoors and inside the home throughout the holiday season. From which size to choose, to hanging your wreath with ease, these are your fail-safe tips for Christmas chic.

Wreath Styling




When it comes to creating the perfect autumnal mood, there is no better place to start than on your very own doorstep. Get creative with pumpkins and gourds in clusters, arranging them in your porch or dotted up your front steps, and be sure to use different sizes and shapes to create a display with plenty of depth.

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