floral Christmas tree


When it comes to classic Christmas foliage and bountiful festive florals, who says that you have to choose between the two? Introducing the FLOWERBX Floral Tree, bringing together the very best of the season's abundance of rich greenery, with beautiful winter-wondrous flowers to match. Feeling inspired? Our florists have rounded up exactly how to recreate this magical marvel at home just in time for the Holidays, with tips on everything from selecting your flowers to adding the most luxurious of finishing touches.


Firstly, it is time to choose your tree. Select from one of our festive fir trees in three joyous sizes, made to match every setting throughout the season. Remember to consider your surroundings, and which location would best suit your tree’s every need.


Once you have selected your dream Christmas Tree, take your pick from our array of seasonal foliage. To dress our Floral Tree, we have opted for eucalyptus, with touches of hypericum and pops of floral winter white carnations.


As a rule, we recommend using between 40 - 60 stems throughout your Floral Tree, but it is important to choose an amount that works for your setting, style, and height. If you are dressing a super-sized winter wonder, you can simply add in 10-20 extra stems of your base layer foliage - in our case, Holiday-hued eucalyptus - to create a balanced look across your entire display. Alternatively, if you are hoping to wow with a real festive show-stopper, you could double your quantities of florals for a more impactful finish, or even add in a second tonal flower for extra texture, and an additional dose of seasonal delight.


Start by layering up your foliage base, with divinely fragrant eucalyptus. The key is to keep your Floral Tree looking cohesive, yet not too formulaic, so always make sure that your stems are evenly distributed around your tree’s entire body.


We have opted for seasonal hypericum to bring a touch of texture to our tree. Choose from a Christmas classic like our Rouge variety, or go for traditional yet tonal Winter White.


Now it is time to add in pops of those all-important florals. Fill in any spaces with your flowers of choice; we have picked carnations as a versatile option, being simple yet elegantly impactful. Once your flowers are in place, this is your chance to step back from your tree and make sure that it looks show-stopping from every angle.


Your Floral Tree is now a certified seasonal sensation, but why not opt to elevate it further with some FLOWERBX finishing touches? Dazzle with the addition of one of our luxurious tree skirts, handcrafted with only the most sumptuous Italian velvet, and available in two jewel-toned shades; Ruby and Emerald. Pair your tree with coordinating florals in vases around your home, or dress your surroundings with our wreaths, garlands, and centrepieces for ultimate festive flair.


Now you have created your festive Floral Tree, we are here to share our know-how on keeping it looking its best. Firstly, you should always position our tree in a cool area of your home, near a window or door, and away from direct heat sources. Make sure that your tree's soil is always damp by watering it on a daily basis. Doing so will ensure that your tree looks full of life throughout the season, with a plump and full body. A real Christmas tree can drink up to 1-2 litres of water per day, so hydration is key. If you are opting to showcase your tree outside, be sure to water it every 2-3 days.

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