In celebration of Mother’s Day, there seemed to be no better force to introduce as this month’s FLOWERBMB than the ultimate Mum, designer, entrepreneur, and eternal FLOWERBX muse: Charlotte Olympia Dellal (who celebrated the arrival of her fourth boy shortly after these pictures were taken).
Charlotte’s line of shoes and accessories are coveted by the likes of Beyonce, Kate Moss, and Lady Gaga among legions of other fans, which is no wonder as her eponymous brand evokes unparalleled glamour. Here Charlotte opens up her West London family home and gives us a glimpse into her very fashionable and very warm floral life.
“When it comes to colour I love red, like lipstick and nail varnish, it goes with everything”

What are your favourite flowers and why? White or colour? And what colour?

Tulips are my favourite flowers, parrot tulips in particular. I love how they start off quite regimented, but over time they open up and become a bit more organic and fall all over the place into a beautiful mess. When it comes to colour I love red, like lipstick and nail varnish, it goes with everything.

Do these flowers have significance in your life story, a moment from your past, a favourite of your mother’s or given to you by a partner...

They have been a firm favourite since I can remember, they were always in the house growing up and my parents had a mid century oil painting of tulips which I have now claimed for myself.

What are your favourite vase styles/shapes?

I love collecting ornamental objects, but my vases tend to be quite classic because they can easily suit any room and be filled with any type of flower. Once I find something I love I tend to get a few and in different sizes.

What are your tips for arranging flowers for a dinner party? Or for your house for any occasion?

It’s one of the first things I think about when setting a dinner table as they can really set the tone; when I did a Carmen Miranda themed birthday party it would have been nothing without the flowers. I like to be quite bold, but at the same time not too fussy.

“When I did a Carmen Miranda themed birthday party it would have been nothing without the flowers"

How does your flower choice reflect your personal style? And your interior style?

I love classic things with a personality and enjoy playing with colour.

What are the most beautiful or significant flowers that you’ve ever been given?

I’m surrounded by 4 boys and they are always giving me flowers, mostly picked from the garden, country walks or on holiday and I have kept every one of them. A few birthdays ago they got me a flower pressing kit and book to keep them in so now I have a catalogue of my flowers including who gave it to me, where and when. I’m extremely sentimental.

What is your most powerful memory involving flowers and scent?

We were married under the most beautiful canopy of flowers on our wedding day which was set in my parents garden in the countryside.

“Flowers add life to the home and without them it feels like something is missing”

How does having flowers in your home change the atmosphere? How does being surrounded by flowers make you feel?

I love the ritual of buying flowers and prepping them for the vases and then dotting them around the house. It’s something I do for myself regardless of whether I have guests or not because they add life to the home and without them it feels like something is missing.

What flowers do you most like to give and why?

I always tell florists to make a bouquet look like I did it myself; the same flowers in one colour and without any trimmings. I prefer to keep it simple, simplicity in abundance always look spectacular.

What flowers would you most like to be given and why?

I’m a creature of habits and I always tend to buy the same flowers, so I love it when I receive something different and discover something new.




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