Your ultimate guide to tulip careYour ultimate guide to tulip care

Symbolising love and charm, nothing brings cheer like a tulip. From the rainbow shades of the Keukenhof fields in Holland to ruffled, bold, and bountiful varieties - both Dutch and Double tulips offer a kaleidoscope of colour, whether it's traditional brights or frilly delights. Prep your stems and create an artful arrangement by reading our florist-approved advice that will keep them looking better by the day.



recut your flowersrecut your flowers


Once you have unwrapped your tulips, re-cut the stems using a pair of FLOWERBX Floral Scissors, around 2 - 3cm from the bottom at a 45° angle. This encourages water absorption and maximises vase life for even more floral beauty..

remove the outer leavesremove the outer leaves


Your dutch and double tulips will arrive with excess foliage. Remove the outer leaves and anything else that would sit below the waterline, as otherwise, this will create debris build-up in your vase. Next, fill your vase with cool, clean water, making sure to refresh it daily, or whenever the water turns murky. Always use the flower food provided, or opt to stock up on our FLOWERBX Flower Food.

arrange your tulipsarrange your tulips


With a single stem in hand, start to arrange your tulips by keeping them facing the same direction, forming a symmetrical spiral. Cut your tulips to a length where most of the stem is supported by the vase, and there are only a few centimetres of stem between the vase and the tulip head. This will keep the stems contained and allow the flowers to fan out effortlessly.


To keep your tulips fresher for even longer, make sure that they are positioned in a cool, well-lit spot, away from direct sunlight or drafts. Your tulip's vase life can be prolonged further by dropping a copper penny in your vase or placing a small pinhole through the highest point of the stem. Be sure to change the water regularly to keep them at their very best.

Flowers in a vase on a mantle pieceFlowers in a vase on a mantle piece
Tulips in a bronze vaseTulips in a bronze vase

Tulip FAQs

What kind of vase is best for Tulips?

The best kind of vase for tulips is our Wickstead pot or Royal Windsor depending on the length of your stems. The best way to display tulips in a vase is by arranging them in a spiral motion, so the flower heads fan out effortlessly. You can find a range of suitable vases here, and we recommend our Wickstead pot or Royal Windsor vase for tulip stems.

How do I get tulips to stand up?

You get tulips to stand up by dropping a penny in your vase of water. Putting a penny in a vase can stop tulips from drooping due to the copper in the coin.

Should you put ice or water on tulips?

You can put ice or water on tulips. Tulips enjoy cold temperatures, so can even be kept in the fridge overnight. Florists advise dropping an ice cube in a vase of cool, clean water to keep tulips happy and healthy.

Should you remove leaves from tulips?

You should remove leaves from tulips should they sit below the waterline of your vase. This is recommended because foliage and leaves that sit below the waterline of your vase can contaminate the water, leaving your tulips with less chance of a long vase life.

Is vinegar good for tulips?

Yes, vinegar is often suggested as a good solution to prolonging the vase life of tulips and other cut flowers. This is because vinegar helps decrease the growth of bacteria in your vase over time, lowering PH and increasing acidity.


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