Magazine publisher, fashion director, editor-in-chief, sartorial style icon, designer, entrepreneur... there are few things that May’s FLOWERBMB, Caroline Issa, can’t do. At the helm of quarterly publication, Tank, as well as, a digital magazine, Caroline takes a break from fashion to discuss her other love, flowers, letting us into her North London home to reveal the flowers that represent memories of travels and heartfelt moments.
“Invest in quality - flowers that are grown with love will shine with colour and burst with pride.”

What are your favourite flowers and why? White or colour? And what colour?

It’s too hard to choose a favourite – even looking through the FLOWERBX website, I can’t make up my mind. From Calla Lilies to Ranuculus, from Peonies to bushels of lilac... I’m in awe of their natural beauty. But, I do think flowers with either vibrant or pastel colours are what sing to me!

Do these flowers have significance in your life story, a moment from your past, a favourite of your mother’s or given to you by a partner?

Flowers have always weighed in significantly during memorable periods of my life – from my corsage at Prom (a red rose with sprinkles of baby breath) to flowers from memorials I dry and keep, to bouquets received on milestones... but also I love a daily flower, something that reminds me of the natural beauty that exists everywhere.

What are your favourite vase styles/shapes?

If I had more room, all I would do is collect vases! I go from extremes - minimal to ornate, baroque styles – I love them all!

What are your tips for arranging flowers for a dinner party? Or for your house for any occasion?

Invest in quality – flowers that are grown with love with shine with colour and burst with pride. You can then have a single stem to a whole bunch, but the vibrancy of that flower will energize your guests!

"I do think flowers with either vibrant or pastel colours are what sing to me!
“Flowers totally change one’s mood and it’s the small things like a fresh bouquet at home (or several)... to remember how alive we are. They mean a lot.”

How does your flower choice reflect your personal style? And your interior style?

I love classic with a twist – so perhaps a classic bunch of flowers but in an unexpected colour way, or with a vase shape or decoration you didn’t quite expect. I like to play with textures and colours, so my flower bouquets tend to reflect that. Then again, I’m not averse to the simplest of white tulips in a bunch and go extremely minimal!

What is your most powerful memory involving flowers and scent?

I travel a lot, and so many memories of flowers and scent permeate my memories from these adventures – whether that is high in the hills above Beirut and the incredible floral scents, or the jasmine and orchids of Singapore, to the rose petals I loved when I visited Tehran... exploring nature and gardens in every city is a beautiful way to open up a city’s secrets...


How does having flowers in your home change the atmosphere? How does being surrounded by flowers make you feel?

Flowers are like tonic – they make me feel closer to nature in our urban jungles but also I love to marvel at such organic perfection. Flowers totally change one’s mood and it’s the small things like a fresh bouquet at home (or several) or waking up next to a single flower in the morning to remember how alive we are. They mean a lot.

What flowers do you most like to give and why?

I like to change it up. There’s so much beautiful choice, why restrict? I’ll choose different flowers based on different personalities or taste. It’s like shoes – one-size-fits all is never the answer!

What flowers would you most like to be given and why?

I’m grateful for any flower that comes into my life, for any reason!




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