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Cotton Puff Carnation 12 Colours
From £40.00
Cloud Nine Long-Stem Deluxe Lily 6 Colours
From £55.00
Snowy White Chrysanthemum 10 Colours
From £55.00
Snow White Phalaenopsis Cut Orchid 4 Colours
From £60.00
Modern White Calla Lily 6 Colours
From £65.00
Electric White Orchid Plant

From £45.00

Ghost White Baby's Breath 2 Colours
From £50.00
Marshmallow Delphinium 4 Colours
From £70.00
White Dove Arum Lily 2 Colours
From £60.00
Windsor White RoseLily 10 Stems in a Large Mayfair Blanc Vase 2 Colours
From £60.00
Alabaster Vanda Cut Orchid 12 Colours
From £45.00
Chantilly Lace Petite Rose 10 Colours
From £35.00
Ivory Avalanche Rose 10 Colours
From £55.00
Alabaster Spray Rose 5 Colours
From £45.00
Dove Wing Astilbe 3 Colours
From £45.00
Snazzy White Snapdragon BESTSELLER 5 Colours
From £45.00
Powder White Cymbidium Cut Orchid 3 Colours
From £90.00
Mondial Rose 10 Colours
From £50.00
White Butterfly Bouvardia 5 Colours
From £45.00
White Hot Dutch Tulip 6 Colours
From £45.00
Egg Shell Amaryllis 7 Colours
From £60.00
Ivory Star of Bethlehem
From £45.00
Peace Lily Plant

From £40.00

White Rose Potted Plant

From £45.00

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What colour are sympathy flowers?

Traditionally, sympathy flowers are white in colour to symbolise love, peace, and purity. You can see our full range of sympathy flowers within our curated collection, including a tonal palette of white varieties perfect for expressing your message of condolence.

What is the best flowers for sympathy?

The best flowers for showing sympathy are those that represent mourning, respect, and peace. The flowers you should send to symbolise sympathy include lilies, roses, carnations, orchids, and chrysanthemums in a white colour palette to signify purity and grace.

What do you put in a sympathy basket?

A sympathy basket includes a range of items to symbolise condolences and show the recipient you are in their thoughts, including fresh sympathy flowers. Other items included in a sympathy basket are foods such as biscuits, fruit, and nuts, books, blankets, and self-care gifts that boost wellbeing. You can also include a sympathy card or poem.

What colour flower is best for sympathy?

The colour flower that is best for sympathy is white, including white coloured roses. Our sympathy edit includes a range of white flowers such as our Cotton Puff Carnation, White Chyrsanthemum, White Roselily, Phaleanopsis Cut Orchid White, Buttermilk Vanda and Ivory Avalanche Rose. You can also choose from white flowering plants, including our Peace Lily Plant and Potted White Rose.

What do you send for condolences?

For condolences, you can choose to send sympathy flowers, with some thoughtful additions. These can include a hand-written note or card or a sympathy basket filled with food and bespoke gifts. When sending sympathy flowers with FLOWERBX, you can select your chosen delivery date to ensure your gesture arrives on a suitable occasion.

What is a sympathy bouquet?

A sympathy bouquet is delivered to the home of the bereaved family members to offer comfort and condolences for their loss. FLOWERBX sympathy bouquets are made from single-varities of flowers, making them a simple and tasteful alternative to mixed bouquets with a focus on pared-back floral beauty.

What to write on sympathy flowers card?

You should write a note of condolence in a sympathy flowers card. A message for sympathy flowers can include; thinking of you at this difficult time, we are so sorry for your loss, or with deepest sympathy.

What to write on a funeral flowers card?

You should write a message of condolence on a funeral flowers card. This should be written with respect to the deceased, and could include phrases such as; rest in peace, always in our hearts, in loving memory, or with deepest sympathy.