Christmas Gifts For Plant Lovers

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Electric White Orchid Plant

From $130.00

FLOWERBX Gardening Set
Flower Subscription Digital Gift Certificate INSTANT GIFT
Pink Magic Orchid Plant

From $130.00

Large Peace Lily Plant
Floral Scissors
Ivy Plant
Areca Palm

From $195.00

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

From $260.00

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What plants should I buy for someone who loves plants?

The plants you should buy for someone who loves plants are:
Boston fern
Blue wave fern
Peace lily plant
Rubber plant
Cheese plant
Fiddle leaf fig
Calethea plant
Ivy plant
Aloe vera plant
Areca palm
Paradise strelitzia
Potted orchid

What should I buy for someone who loves plants?

For someone who loves plants, you should buy:
For someone who loves plants, you should buy:
A FLOWERBX flower subscription, for fresh, seasonal flowers on repeat.
A book about flowers.
FLOWERBX Floral Scissors.
A bunch of fragrant festive foliage.
A floral plant, like our Mini Orchid planter.
A floral-scented candle or room spray.
A bouquet or bunch of seasonal flowers.
A FLOWERBX Flower Subscription Gift Card.
Gardening tools, including the FLOWERBX Gardening Set.

What to get a person who likes to garden?

The best gifts to buy for a person who likes to garden are accessories to help them enjoy their green space, or plants to add to their outdoor collection. As the perfect present, we would suggest our Gardening Set, a luxury 5-piece collection of tools, as well as our FLOWERBX Floral Scissors to help prune more delicate stems. Our potted rose and potted hydrangea also make beautiful gifts for the garden, best to start indoors, and then moved outside to flower for years to come.

How much should I spend on flowers for a gift

You can spend however much your budget allows when buying flowers as a gift. At FLOWERBX, we have a range of seasonal floral stems and foliage starting at just £35.